When to visit Uganda

Uganda can be visited all year round and safari tours to Uganda run throughout the year. Depending on the safari activity that you are interested in, you can always select the Uganda safari tour dates accordingly. What can be noted is that the country has got rainy seasons which make the activities like gorilla trekking and chimpanzee trekking in Bwindi and Kibale National Parks respectively a bit difficult due to difficulties that travellers encounter in traversing the jungle with dense undergrowth like the case of Bwindi with slippery surfaces while the rain is keenly hitting you. Even the weather is very cool than the rest of the periods. The savannah landscapes where wild game viewing in conducted experience great grass growth and the tall grass prevent the travellers from easily spotting wildlife compared to dry seasons.

Cars stuck during a rainy season


In the dry seasons which occur in January to February and in the months June to September, Uganda can be explored without hassle. This is ideal for wild game as it tends to converge near the water points during the dry seasons. This kind of variation has in turn caused the seasonality effect. The prices for the packages tend to be higher in the peak season which occurs in the dry seasons and in the wet seasons the tour operators and tourism directorates including Uganda Wildlife Authority and accommodation establishment discount their products like gorilla trekking permits and accommodation tariffs respectively thus bringing the cost of the package lower. The birding encounters can be dome throughout the year in Uganda though the period between November and April has great migrant species thus enriching the birding experience in Uganda.

This tour was taken in a dry season


What you will see at Queen Elizabeth National Park