When anyone is told about the tree climbing lions Ishasha in Queen Elizabeth national park, it seems like a myth, but surprisingly true. Not all lions in Africa climb trees and no one can say that these are a different species of wild animals.

What you need to know is that the lions can climb trees and when you are on a Uganda Safari and you miss out on the Ishasha tree climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth national park, then the safari is incomplete.

Its not only in this place that these characteristics are displayed among African lions, but it’s seen in one other national park, lake manyara national park in southern Tanzania and this is the first place where this behavior was first pronounced.

However the question here is, why do these lions climb trees?

A number of sources say that may be they love the cool weather up in the tree branches compelling them to rest up in the trees while others think that the bites of flies are less while in trees than on ground.

But understanding that Lions belong to the cat family and members of this family have the ability to climb trees and Lions may be heavy and find it difficult to climb trees but if there are easier trees to climb then they find it easy to climb them.

This behavior may have begun from a few curious young lions, found it good and later passed it on to the rest of the prides. So if you may, we have a number of Uganda adventure safaris tailored itineraries from which you can choose on to take on a trip to see these animals. This amazing Uganda safari encounters are normally done as an en route activity to or from the gorilla trekking safaris in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park