The Enchanting kyambura Gorge-Uganda Safari News

The Enchanting kyambura Gorge-Uganda Safari News

Creating the North-Eastern natural boundary of Queen Elizabeth National Park is Kyambura Gorge literally termed as the valley of apes. Separating Kyambura Game Reserve (buffer zone of the park) and Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kyambura Gorge is home to a variety of wildlife including the only primates of the popular wildlife filled park. Dubbed the valley of apes, this lush tropical Gorge is as low as 100m below sea level (the major Uganda safari attraction below sea level).

Kyambura Gorge is known for not only the awe-inspiring gorge but then the primates there especially chimpanzees. The gorge is about 30km from Queen Elizabeth National Park headquarters spanning on a coverage of about 16km south of lake George and within the Kyambura Game reserve conservation area. The Kazinga Channel forms the northern boundary of the reserve, this is the popular Uganda wildlife safari destination of this park because of the numerous water animals that gather here. To the south of the Kyambura gorge are villages and plantations of the neighboring communities.

History attached to Kyambura Gorge

The formation of the gorge as a geographical phenomenon can be understood but then there’s a myth attached to the naming of the gorge by the local people. It is believed that one time the river that crosses the gorge was flooded and carried away the local people together with their property. The natives who remained later followed the path of the river when the water reduced with hope of finding their friends and property but all in Vain. On return, they came back lamenting in the native language “Kyambura” meaning “I couldn’t find it” thus naming the river Kyambura and the gorge therefore.

Chimpanzees in Kyambura Gorge

The major attraction in the Kyambura Gorge is chimpanzees. By 2013, a total of 24 chimpanzees were given names reflecting Uganda’s beauty and to ease their identification. Like human beings, individual chimpanzees are distinguishable by their facial appearance, body and behavior.

Many tourists on wildlife safaris in Uganda who opt to visit the Kyambura Gorge choose to go Chimpanzee tracking. However, it’s advisable to not only concentrate on the chimpanzee tracking experience but then concentrate on the enchanting walk to have a memorable experience. The walk is one like no other, you slope to the valley in search of apes, an activity you can’t undertake in any other Uganda safaris destination. The small number of chimpanzees could be disappointing and therefore embracing the walk as an experience of its own could be more rewarding.

Besides Mountain Gorilla trekking in the popular Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Uganda is popular for Chimpanzee tracking.  Kibale Forest National Park is the world’s best chimpanzee trekking destination and for a great Uganda chimpanzee trekking safari tailoring your trip to the park is the best option.

Its just a matter of spending a few hours out of your safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park to have an amazing experience below sea level.