Queen Elizabeth National Park is also crossed by the world’s main latitude – the Equator which divided the world into two equal parts the northern and southern hemispheres which offers impressive photo shoots and geographical endeavors. This compliments other attractions of Queen Elizabeth National Park to generate ultimate Uganda safari tour memories.

Support local Communities

Tourism is one of the great ventures through which the community livelihoods can be enhanced. Supporting communities that surround protected areas is an ethical concern that is in line with sustainable tourism development. The local communities first of all have to be empowered to be part of the resource conservation and ensure their sustainable use.
As a traveller on Uganda safari, you can support local communities by purchasing their art and craft products, buying community tourism packages, supporting vulnerable group initiatives like orphanage centers and women groups by giving a donation or a volunteer hand in any of the community projects like schools and hospitals.
For the case of tourism enterprises, the local people should be given the first priority when it comes to employment and buying the food stuffs. The locals can generate market for their products which would in turn enhance their livelihood if the lodges buy them for client consumption.

African Crafts


Nsambya Babies Home- Christian Based Organisation

nsambya-babies home

Women’s group


African Craft