For most travelers on a wildlife Safari to Uganda, Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda is, to many, Uganda’s most popular National Park and certainly one of its most scenic.

The park stretches from the crater-dotted foothills of the Rwenzori mountain ranges in the north, and to the South, the shores of Lake Edward, stretching to the remote Ishasha River, combining a wide range of natural habitats from the wetlands, to Savannah up to the lowland forests.

Buffaloes, elephants, plus various antelopes always come to graze from the lush Savannah of Queen Elizabeth National Park, and more to that, it is home to a variety of over 600 species of birds – thus a prime destination for Uganda Birding safaris.

With a wide range of communities that thrive in this park, it is a re-known as a world Biosphere reserve that also features four of the big five land animals which are among the commonly searched for animals by most travelers on safari to Uganda. The four include the elephants, lions, leopards and the Buffalo.

The mighty wonders of Queen Elizabeth National Park are much more than what one might think of with the southern part of the park is known as the Ishasha sector, the only place that shelters a big population of tree climbing lions that are hardly found anywhere else in Uganda.

Much more, there is also the 100m deep Kyambura gorge, that features a wide lush tropical forest that is to many visitors’ surprise growing below sea level plus the unique floral species that bear food and shelter to the small counts of Chimpanzees that inhabit the gorge.

The Uganda Safari traveler find Kyambura gorge an exciting site since it presents both adventure and primate viewing experience. Among Accommodation in Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda is the Kyambura Gorge Lodge – a new luxury lodge situated on the eastern edge of the Park.

There are many options of how to get to Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda, with one of them being the commonly used road transport, which will take a 5 – 6 hrs drive away from Kampala city centre via Mbarara, also accessible by public transport means.

Activities in Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda include Launch trips on the Kazinga channel, Game viewing, Bird watching, Chimp tracking and guided walks through Maragambo forest.