How To Get to Queen Elizabeth National Park during Uganda safaris

While on a Uganda Safari Tour, Queen Elizabeth National Park can be accessed by road using Private tour cars organised by registered tour operators (very advised for foreign tourists) but also it be connected to using public means. The Buses transfer daily from Kampala to Kasese. Other Taxis connect to Katunguru and Katwe trading centers which are within the park. Private means can then be arranged from these centers to connect to your respective lodge.
Queen Elizabeth National Park can be connected to from the following points.

A table showing the distance in kilometers.

Queen Elizabeth National Park can also be accessed by Air travel during Uganda tours. There is an airfield at Kasese, Mweya and Ishasha. Chartered or scheduled flights can be taken from Entebbe International Airport of Kajjansi Airfield to these destinations and from there a surface transfer can be arranged to your respective lodge. Aero link apparently conducts schedule flights to Mweya and Kasese Airfields from Entebbe Airport.

Uganda Safari map Showing different national parks of Uganda

Map of Kasese


Map of Queen Elizabeth National Park