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Gorilla Trekking Uganda Safari

mountain gorillas in Bwindi national park

Gorilla Trekking Uganda Safari Tour, Uganda Gorilla Tour Adventures to Bwindi Impenetrable Park, Uganda Tour ranks as the most important part of any Uganda safari Itinerary. The once-in-a-lifetime experience takes you through the dense forests of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National park on the slopes of the Virunga ranges in search of the gentle giants. Gorilla trekking in Uganda is usually done in groups of 8 individuals that launch into the forest tracking a particular gorilla family. Each of this trekking party is led by a professional and highly experienced ranger guide who keeps on giving you an elaborate review of the entire jungle ecosystem with and all its habitants. Gorilla trekking in Uganda can last for as low as 1hour before sighting the tracked gorilla family to as long as 8 hours and this majorly depends on the location of the gorilla family that you are tracking.

Gorilla trekking activities in Uganda are conducted in the two protected parks of Bwindi National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National park Uganda Wildlife Authority are for Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. In Uganda, each and every gorilla permit is sold at US$600. However, it’s equally important to note that Uganda no longer has discounted gorilla permits hence the standard price of 600USD is charged on each Uganda gorilla trekking permit throughout the year in Uganda. As of today, Uganda is home to 18 gorilla families in both Bwindi Impenetrable National Park which has 17 gorilla families and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park has 1 gorilla family. This means Uganda has the capacity to issue out 144 gorilla permits on a particular day.

We strongly recommend you book your Uganda gorilla permit with a Ugandan Tour Operator agent as early as a 3-5 month in advance. The most common blunder which travellers make is booking a Habituated gorilla family which is located a far distance from their choice of the lodging facility. What you should note is that the road network to Bwindi Impenetrable and its different Uganda gorilla trekking regions is mostly on bumpy murram road since this is a remote area hilly area and hence if you book a lodge located far away from the gorilla family you are going to trek, it becomes hard to catch up with gorilla trekking safari activity which starts very early in the morning. For travellers who would wish to plan and do gorilla trekking safari to Uganda on their own in order to save costs, they might end up spending more on their safari compared to if they used Ugandan based safari tour operators.

Short Uganda Gorilla Safari Trips/Short Gorilla Trekking Safaris in Uganda

Gorilla Trekking Safaris in Uganda | Gorilla tracking tour in Uganda
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Gorilla Trekking Uganda Safari

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Gorilla Trekking Uganda Safari

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Gorilla Trekking Uganda Safari

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Gorilla Trekking Uganda Safari

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Gorilla Trekking Uganda Safari

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Gorilla Trekking Uganda Safari

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Gorilla Trekking Uganda Safari

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Gorilla Trekking Uganda Safari

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Gorilla Trekking Uganda Safari

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Gorilla Trekking Uganda Safari

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Gorilla Trekking Uganda Safari

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Gorilla Trekking Uganda Safari

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Gorilla Trekking Uganda Safari

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Gorilla Trekking Uganda Safari

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Gorilla Trekking Uganda Safari

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Gorilla Trekking Uganda Safari

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Gorilla Trekking Uganda Safari

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Gorilla Trekking Uganda Safari

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Gorilla Trekking Uganda Safari

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Gorilla Trekking Uganda Safari

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Gorilla Trekking Uganda Safari

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Gorilla Trekking Uganda Safari

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Gorilla families in Rushaga sector of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

This region has 6 gorilla families

Nshongi family.

This is the largest gorilla family with 25 members, this group was named after the river that flows in the area of Rushaga called river Nshongi. Nshongi family comprises of 2 silverbacks and it is led by a silverback named Nshongi and his second in command Kakono. The group has 7 blackbacks namely Bweza, Matama, Busasa, Bwire, Munnywa, Kutu, and Tinfayo, 5 adult females namely Munini, Shida, Bukojo, Nyampundu, and Bwiruka, there are also 5 juveniles namely Tindatine, Mahoro, Rurehuka, Mucunguzi and Mureba and finally 6 infants namely Kazani, Katoono, Mukiza, Ninsiima, Bwiruka baby, Rotary.

Bweza family.

Gorilla Trekking Uganda Safari

mountain gorillas in Bwindi national park

This family consists of 9 members. It is led by a silverback called Bweza. This family was previously part of the Nshongi family but due to misunderstandings, Bweza broke away from the Nshongi family to form his own family which is named after him. This family has one silverback, 2 infants

Kahugye family.

This family has 17 members. It is led by a silverback called Rumanzi. This family was named after Kahugye hill in the Rushaga sector where this family was first discovered. This family includes 3 silverbacks 3 blackbacks, 3 female adults, 3juveniles and 2 infants.

Busingye family.

This group is named after a Runyakitara word Busingye which means peace. This family has 9 members led by Busingye.

Mishaya family.

This group has 12 members led by a silverback called Mishaya. It has 2 adult females namely Bakunzi and Mwiza, 2 juveniles namely Rutaro, Mize, 5 infants but only 3 infants have names Mwiza baby 1, Mwiza baby 2 and Bakunzi. the two remaining infants are unknown.

Bikiyingi family.

The Bikiyingi family was discovered in the Bikyingi area in the Rushaga sector hence having its name derived from the area where it was discovered. This family is only open to habituation experience. The Bikiyingi family is led by 1 dominant silver buck called Bikiyingi. Other members in this group include 5 adult females, 2 sub-adults, 2 juveniles, and 1 infant.

Gorilla families in Ruhija sector of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

In this sector, there are 3 gorilla families namely

Kyaguliro family.

This family was initially led by Rukina but he was struck by lightning to death in 2015. This resulted in a junior and inexperienced silver back Mukiza to take leadership of the group, after a short period of time mukiza was attacked by another silverback called Rukara. This led to the emergency of two families –kyaguliro A&B one led by Mukiza and another led by Rukara. the Mukiza family has 10 members 1 silverback Mukiza, 4 adult females, 4 infants, and 1 juvenile. On the other hand, the Rukara family has 1 silverback Rukara, 2 blackbucks, 3 adult females 2 juveniles and 2 infants.

Oruzogo family.

This family is named after a plant commonly called “Oruzogoto” which has 17 members. It is led by a silverback called Bakwate his name means “an intelligent being and learns quickly”. There are 2 silverbacks in this family, the other silver buck is called Busungu which means “hot-tempered”, 3 blackbucks one of them is called Kaganga another one is called Bwoba which means “coward” and final blackbuck is called Otaka, 5 adult females, one is called Birungi which means “pretty”, Nyakiina is another one and she named after the depression on her nose ridge, Kashudwe which also has a mole on her nose, Kakobe is another adult female who was named after resemblance to the baboon called “Nkobe” in the local dialect, the final adult female is Mutesi and her name means “calm or relaxed” , 3 juveniles which include Karimi named after her act of sticking her tongue out when playing Kashura named after her protruding hairless eyebrow and finally Kiromba and 4 infants which include Kanywani, Katoto, and Buchura which means the ‘youngest”.

Bitukura family.

This is the last family in the Ruhija family, it consists of 13 members. This family is led by a younger silverback called Ndahura regardless of his age he is the dominant male in this group. There are 3 other silverbacks in this family namely Karamuzi, Rukumu, and Rukara, 3 adult females namely Betina, Ruhara, and Kamuga, 2 blackbucks namely Obia and Mugisha 2 juveniles namely Twakire and Kabandize- this broke off the Kyaguliro family, 2 infants namely Kadogo and Mubwindi.

Buhoma gorilla families

As of August 2018, the Buhoma sector has 4 gorilla families with katwe gorilla family being the latest addition here which was officially declared available for tracking on 20th august 2018. The gorilla families here include

Habinyanja family

This family is named after a local word “Nyanja” which means a lake or water. This family consists of 19 members and it is led by Makara as the dominant silver buck. 2 blackbucks namely Maraya, and mizano who was killed by a poacher. 6 adult females namely Binyonko, Nyabuche, Nyamuhango, Rukundo, Kisho and Rugyendo. 2 sub-adult males namely Kavuyo and Ruyombo, 3 juveniles namely Malaika, Hamusini, Elisa, 5 infants namely Rugyendo baby infant, Binyonko baby infant, Kisho baby infant, Rukundo baby infant, Nyabuche the new born.

Rushegura family.

The Rushegura family consists of 19 members led by Mwirima a dominant silverback. This family is named after a tree species called “Ebishegura” that’s abundant in the area where it was discovered. Other members include 1 blackbuck called Kabukojo, 5 adult females namely Kyirinvi, Kibande, Buzinza, Nyamunwa, Karungyi, Kalembezi a sub-adult male, Ruterana a sub-adult female, 5 juveniles namely Nyampazi, Kafuruka, Kibande, Karungyi, Kanywanyi, 5 infants namely Kirinvi, Bunzinza, Nyamunwa, Kibande baby infant and Katabazi.

Mubare family.

The family was named after Mubare hills in Buhoma where this group was first seen in 1998. This family suffered the loss of its first silver buck leader called Ruhondeza and this led to some of its members breaking away from the group leaving it with only 5 members. However, recently the group has grown in numbers to 11 members and it is now under the leadership of a dominant silver buck called Kanyonyi. Other members of this group include 6 adult females, 1 sub-adult and 3 teenagers.

Katwe family.

This is the most recent gorilla family that has taken shape in the buhoma sector. This family is comprised of 10 members which include 1 dominant silverback called katwe, 3 blackbucks, 4 adult females and 2 infants. The member composition of this is really still taking shape as some members keep joining and leaving the group.

Gorilla families in Nkuringo sector of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

As of 2018, this sector has 3 gorilla families

Nkuringo family.

This family has 19 members and it is named after the sector in which it is found Nkuringo. The Nkuringo family is led by a dominant silver buck called Safari. Other members in this family include 3 other silver bucks namely Rafiki, Bahati, and Kirungi, 4 adult females namely mama Christmas, kwitonda, Samehe and Kasotora, 3 blackbucks namely Karibu, Posho and Christmas, 3 juveniles namely Kwesima, Magara, Kuhirwa, 5 infants namely Rwamutwe , Muhozi Tabu, Furaha and Kiiza.

Bushaho family.

This family has 8 members. This was also named after the area it was first met. The Bushaho family is considered a breakaway group from the Nkuringo family. The family is led by Bahati a dominant silver buck. Other members of the family include 1 blackbuck, 3 adult females, 1 sub-adult, 1 juvenile, and 2 infants.

Christmas family.

This is the newest family in the park. It is led by a dominant silver buck called Christmas as he was born on Christmas. The Christmas family has 9 members and is expected to grow as it lives on. Currently, 6 out of 9 members are usually seen and these include 1 silverback Christmas, 1 blackbuck, 3 adult females and 1 infant.

Attractions in Queen Elizabeth Park

Queen Elizabeth has a rich biodiversity which attracts tourists to come here and enjoy and this biodiversity ranges from 95 mammal species, which includes the rare tree-climbing lions species, 3000 elephants, over 10000 buffaloes, leopards, 5000hippos, bush backs, a wide range of antelope family, a variety of monkey species and chimpanzees, 400 bird species and many reptiles like the Nile crocodiles snakes and lizards and a number of volcanic features like volcanic cones and crater lakes like Lake Katwe and Kikorongo. Read More Here…

chimpanzee in queen elizabeth park

Primates in Queen Elizabeth Park: These monkeys have a black color with a strip of white color on the side of their body, limbs and around their face, these monkeys live in groups of 5-15 members led by a male, their weight ranges between 4-14 kg, they have a body length of up to 75 cm or 30 inches. The black and white colobus are herbivores primates and they have a gestation period of 4-6 months. Read More Here

attractions in queen elizabeth park

Volcanic features in Queen Elizabeth Park: Queen Elizabeth National Park has a number of volcanic features that have been left behind to remind us of the brutal geographical forces that shaped this landscape to what we see it today. The volcanic features in this park include volcanic cones which stand prominently throughout this vast plains, beautiful crater lakes, many of which have freshwater which attracts. Read More Here

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Cultures in Queen Elizabeth Park: Queen Elizabeth National Park is bordered by the Bakonzo people who have an interesting culture to exhibit. According to population census results of 2014 census, there are 850,646 Bakonzo in Uganda hence representing 0.025% of the country’s population. The Bakonzo people are closely related to the Nande people of eastern D.R. Congo in their ways of living. Read More Here

Basic Intriguing Facts About Lions-Uganda safari news

Wildlife in Queen Elizabeth Park: As witnessed by many Uganda safari tourists, Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda is a diverse park with wide range habitats that are ideal for the existence of a range of wildlife. There are 95 mammal species in the park which makes it the highest on Uganda standards, 10 species of primates including common chimpanzees, black and white colobus monkey, Lhoest’s monkey, vervet monkey, red-tailed monkey, and blue monkey. Read More Here

Kasenyi Area Birding Site

Birds in Queen Elizabeth Park: Besides rewarding game viewing, the open savannah of Kasenyi offers impressive birding encounters for birders on birding safaris and tours in Uganda. Bird species that can be encountered in Kasenyi include; Palm-nut Vulture, Hooded Vulture, African White-backed Vulture, Ruppell’s Griffon Vulture, Lappet-faced Vulture, Brown Snake Eagle, Wahlberg’s Eagle, Bateleur, Long-crested Eagle, Grey Kestre. Read More Here


Chimpanzee in Queen Elizabeth Park: These are close relatives of humans alongside gorillas and orangutans, there are two species of chimpanzees, Common chimpanzee species and the Bonobo species, Queen Elizabeth National Park has the Common chimpanzees’ species. An adult Common chimpanzee can weigh between 40-60 kg with a height of 1.6 meters or 5ft3inches while an adult female can weigh between 32-47kg with a height of 1.3 meters or 4feet3inches. Read More Here


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