The “banded brothers” Banded mongooses are a unique feature of Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda, and are small but amazing carnivores that are no more than 12-16 inches long and weighing about 2kgs. Unlike other mangoose species, banded mangoose have dark beautiful bands across their backs, from which their name originated. They have 5 digits on their front foot paws but with only 4 on their back feet. The non-retractable claws used for digging insect holes.

The Banded mongooses live in sub-Saharan and Southern parts of Africa, where they are found in savannah grasslands, rocky terrains and woodlands, making it to one of the top Attractions in Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda.

As all other carnivores, the banded mongooses feed on small vertebrates like snakes, insects and rats. This diet also covers invertebrates like beetles and millipedes. They also feed reptile and bird eggs or even fallen fruit.

The Banded mangoose are social animals that live in big packs with as many as 50 family members, although smaller packs of 10-20 are more common Queen Elizabeth national park. They are strictly diurnal animals and can be heard chattering to each other during day time. They work together as a group to fend off predators especially large birds. For many travellers on Uganda safaris, the banded mongoose research project becomes one of the highlights of all time on their tour to Queen Elizabeth national park.

Taking time with these amazing creatures is a peak on its own although all you need is to let us know that you would love to spend an afternoon tour with them and we shall include them on your Uganda safari itinerary as you enjoy the rest of Uganda’s beauty.