Kenya Safari Holiday Tours, Kenya Wildlife Safaris in Africa

Kenya Safari Holiday Tours

Kenya Safari Holiday Tours

Kenya Safari Holiday Tours, Kenya Wildlife Safaris in Africa, Kenya Safaris. Book your Safari holiday in Kenya in East Africa lifetime safari memories. Lying along the Equator the world’s main latitude stretching from the expanses of Indian Ocean Coastal Marina through the flat stretches along with the escarpments of the Great Rift Valley to the freshwater mass of Lake Victoria, Kenya is a diverse destination that depicts the true origin of safari which is a Swahili word meaning journey.

Kenya Safari Wildlife: The wildlife in Kenya is relatively approachable yet never tamed. This can be attributed to the comprehensive hunting ban for over 35 years thus reducing their fear for human beings. However, like any other wildlife, one has to handle them with caution while on a Kenya safari holiday tour in Kenya.

Safaris in Kenya: The Safaris in Kenya are conducted both in Air and on Surface. The light Aircraft from Nairobi connect to major destinations thus offering time save and long drives. The main roads are also inaccessible conditions connecting to the respective destinations.  Accommodation is in various forms ranging from Luxury Permanent Safari tents/camps/ lodges well furnished with en suite facilities to basic camping with shared ablutions.

Besides Wildlife Safaris in Kenya, the destination also features over 40 tribal groups that have got unique customs and practices thus offering a rich cultural and heritage product.

Transportation is provided in very comfortable 4 X 4 Safari Land Cruisers and 4WD Safari Vans with the later relatively cheaper than the former. The exquisite is the 4 X 4 Safari Jeep often with open-air sides. All the vehicles offer good viewing possibilities as the first two categories also feature a pop-up roof where viewing and photography can be done. They can all manoeuvre the upcountry roads.

Where to go for a safari Holiday tour in Kenya

Where to go for a safari in Kenya

Maasai Mara Reserve as a Kenya Safari Holiday Tours Site: This is a worldly re-known destination – the home to Disney African Cats and the Big Cat Diary not forgetting the Great Migration which is one of the world’s natural wonders. It features great counts of wild game ranging from the Big Five to other unique predators like Cheetah, Hyenas, and Jackals, millions of grazers like the Wildebeest, Thomson Gazelle, and Zebras. The traditional Maasai People are famous warriors, hunters and great pastoralists that have grazed along with wildlife for centuries past. This is the most popular Kenya Safari destinations. Visit Destination

Laikipia as Kenya Safari destination: This lies to the northwest of Mount Kenya with its snow-capped peaks and features the Ol Pajeta Conservancy – the Sweet waters presenting good wildlife views on Kenya Safari Holiday Tour. Visit Destination

Samburu Game Reserve – a destination for Kenya Safari Holiday Tours: This is positioned at 100km to the north featuring the biggest northern river in Kenya – the Uwaso Nyiro. The area is inhabited by the Samburu who are maa-speaking people known for rearing camel. They are noted to have migrated to the area along with the Maasai. Visit Destination

Meru National Park as a Kenya Wildlife Safari Holiday destination: At least many wildlife enthusiasts must have encountered the Born Free film and book. Meru is the origin of it dating back to the time when Joy and George Adamson let go of their lioness to back to the wilderness. The Meru Park has found its way back to the range of Kenya Safari holiday itineraries following its restoration which included; enhancing accessibility, ranger force and establishing a Rhino Sanctuary close to the main gate as a poacher proof with support from the French embassy. Visit Destination

The Amboseli and the Chyulu Hills as a Kenya Safari Holiday tours site: Noted to be among Kenya’s oldest parks having been declared a National Park in 1974 rising from a wildlife sanctuary title that it had acquired in 1940s, Amboseli National Park is re-known for its populations of free-ranging elephants. It sits at the backdrop of Africa’s highest Kilimanjaro Mountain. Visit Destination

Tsavo West & Tsavo East National Park – one of the famous Kenya Safari Holiday Tours Site: These are two distinct Kenya Wildlife Safari parks featuring varying ecosystems. The Tsavo East features an open flat and undulating landscape marked by scattered bush while the Tsavo West is marked by dense wood and hilly landscape. The dust red elephants thrive in Tsavo East and its gigantic landscape 13,700km2 which is 9 times larger than Maasai Mara makes it a rich spot for Kenya Wildlife Safaris. Visit Destination

Kenyan Coast as a Kenya Safari Holiday tours destination: This is very rich in history and recreation. The Kenyan coast marks the initial contacts between the interior of East Africa with the rest of the world. The arrival of merchant ships from Arabia and Persia was mainly determined by the famous Monsoon winds thus affecting the trading calendar of the Indian Ocean.  The long stay and interaction between the local people and the foreign traders led to the formation of the Swahili culture marked by Bantu language with imported Arabic words among other diverse traditions. Apparently, the Kenyan coast is famed for extensive beaches providing an ideal environment for recreation while sites like Fort Jesus provide for heritage tours. Visit Destination

Nairobi – the epicenter of almost all Kenya Safari Holiday Tours: Marked with heavy traffic like any other African city, Nairobi forms the start and endpoint for most of the Kenya Safari itineraries. The city features good restaurants, hotels, shopping centers and malls, outdoor curios also known as Maasai markets and the Nairobi National Park with its range of wildlife including four of the Big five. Visit Destination

When to go on a Kenya Safari Holiday Tours

The best months to go for a Kenya Wildlife Safari holiday tour are the dry season months stretching from late June to the month of October. It can be noted that the Wildebeest reach Maasai Mara in the month of July staying there till October when they transfer back to Serengeti. The wild game viewing in Kenya is good throughout the year. The peak of the wet season is March, April, and May which is basically not good for game viewing.

Food and Drink on Kenya Safari Holiday Tours

Apart from the Swahili cuisine which features Indian and Arab roots, the local food specialties in Kenya are very basic. The Bantu African rooted cooking is basic featuring fewer ingredients and the indigenous staples like the Ugali – mingled Posho that is repeated often. The common foodstuffs include; Meat like Molo lamb, beef, goat and veal, Kebabs, Fish though hard to find than meat and seafood at the coast.  The bites include; the Samosas, Chapattis, and Mandazi.

The range of tropical fruits can be taken straight or as salads including Banana, Pineapple, Passion fruit, Mango, coconut, orange, watermelon, Orange among others and can be used as deserts. Regarding drinks, the most popular drinks include; Coffee, Tea, and Beer. Coffee is locally known as Kahawa and is usually served with milk.  The local beer brands include Tusker and White Cap. However, a selection of wines from South Africa, North America, and Europe are available across the wine shops and lodges. The homebrew Changaa is basically not yet safe for consumption.

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kenya safari holiday tours

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Kenya Safari Holiday Tours

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Kenya Safari Holiday Tours

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