Katwe Area.

Situated in the northern side of Queen Elizabeth National park, Katwe Crater Lake lies close to Mweya peninsula and forms the highest elevation in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The Katwe Crater Lake is a salty lake where natural salt extraction is done by local community using their traditional methods. The lake which is 3,265 feet deep is very saline compared to other salt lakes in the park including Lake Nyamunuka. The system of pans to extract salt have been built along the lake edges and water is then let into compartments and let to evaporate leaving the salt behind which is then extracted. Although it stands at 85% of Sodium Chloride with impurity, the product is still looked up to. The salt extraction process is very interesting to encounter on Uganda safaris. The range of abundant bird life thrives around the lake including large flocks of flamingoes that comes seasonally sifting algae. The range of warblers also exists around the crater lakes. The range of hippos, elephants, warthogs among other wildlife can also be encountered by travellers on Uganda safari tours in the area.

Katwe area attractions